What is Feedbak?

FEEDBAK is a Point of Sale customer survey system designed to get instant feedback from your clients at the moment they are concluding their experience at your business.

There are many survey systems on the market now, and the importance of getting customer feedback is increasing daily.

The FEEDBAK system has been designed so that the effort from the consumer is minimal, but the information you collect can be powerful beyond measure for your business.

Feedback should be more work for the recipient than the donor

Live reporting

Originally designed for the Restaurant industry, the system replaces the tedious collection of information in manual hardcopy and replaces it with a system that give the owner or manager of a business instant information of what is occurring inside the business from the customers perspective.

FEEDBACK information is able to be viewed daily, weekly, monthly and all time to give you a clear picture of how things are tracking. You are also able to set KPI levels, alerts and monitoring settings that will alert you to any issues.


Allowing customers to leave their feedback at the Point of Sale virtually eliminates bad feedback on social media sites as they feel they have been heard. It also promotes the leaving of positive feedback which is often not given

Knowing what is happening inside your business up to the minute is powerful business intelligence that can lead to stronger performance and improved customer experience.


Feedbak is Fast! It takes less than 15 Second to leave feedback using our system, with no annoying QR codes in sight to frustrate your customers!

A Simple Solution

They say the key to success in business is find a big problem and solve it, we add one more word to that – simply. The system is extremely easy to use, comes preconfigured on the device for you to just sit it on the counter and start running straight away. No time consuming training or explanations are necessary.

The reporting of information gives you power back over your business, with a real ability to get the FEEDBAK of your customers simply and quickly.

Our testing in the consumer market and easy to use interface meant that even a child can use the system.


“Feedbak allowed us to start consistently track the feelings of our customers about their dining experience. I can be sitting at home with my family and still be aware how things are going in the restaurant without having to wait for a shift report, or a weekly report.”

Clay Jude, Owner Osso & Hanks, Penrith NSW